Mail Carriers (City)

Customer Service / Delivery Department of the USPS
City Carriers deliver mail in the more populated areas of our country.

You’ve seen them…zipping around in those cool white jeeps, with the steering wheel on the right side of the vehicle. What fun!

Mail Carriers get to enjoy the great outdoors. These brave workers perform a vital role to our communities, and are highly respected.

The great thing about Mail Carriers is that many of them enjoy it so much, they want to keep doing it for their whole career.

Mail Carriers are amazing people. One thing they all have in common… they are persistent. They are overcomers. They can solve problems.

These postal workers are responsible for making sure all packages and mail is delivered to each address within their assigned territory.

Mail Carriers receive starting pay of $19.93 per hour, on average, depending on geographical location. This position is eligible for federal benefits and is a full time position.